Is this a religion?

No. The Positive Vision Movement is a group of people acting on proven facts to bring about a better future. We have no commandments or prayers. We don’t need to have faith in invisible gods.

Is Gavin a cult leader?

No – twice! The PVM isn’t a cult, and Gavin isn’t really our leader. He’s the reason we’re all here, but he’s not trying to tell us what to do or take us in a particular direction. He certainly doesn’t enjoy the attention. These visions started happening to him, and he’s just trying to make sense of them. If we had to pick a leader, it wouldn’t be someone like him!

Do you want money from me?

We’re not after your money. We’d love for you to attend one of our events, which are free for you to take part in online. If you want to come in person, we only ask for a token amount to encourage you to actually turn up. (The problem with free events is that people book a place and then think nothing of pulling out at the last moment.) And don’t worry, this isn’t a commercial project.

What are these ‘visions’?

Gavin started seeing glimpses of the future after he had a road accident early in 2014. Sometimes they are still images, sometimes they are what he calls ‘scenes’ – short sequences of events. Often they’re hard to put into context, but they’ve consistently proved to be predictions of future events – either significant news events or minor aspects of Gavin’s life. They do tend to focus around London (UK) where Gavin lives and the Movement is based.

Why are these visions happening?

We’re not sure, but they seem accurate and scientifically verifiable. Check out the Provings section for the evidence.

What will happen at the ‘event’?

Many of Gavin’s visions seem to be clustering around a particular time and date in June. They run out after that. It’s hard to piece them together, but it looks like there’s a very important sequence of events that we need to ensure happen – and they require mass participation. We need your help to shape the future and potentially change the world.

Where will the event take place?

Tommy has found us a secret location on the campus of Goldsmiths near New Cross in southeast London. It’s essential that we’re not disturbed during the event, so we’ll only let you know the exact details when you decide to book your place.