The Positive Vision Movement began with a minor road accident in early 2014 when an injured cyclist, Gavin Jackson, started having visions of the future. Gavin is a journalist and a resolutely rational man, so at first he didn’t believe that his visions could be true. But time and again he would draw a picture of his visions and they would come to pass.

Gavin has been assessed and tested by top academics, who have confirmed that his visions are genuine. Nobody can yet explain how a bang on the head somehow unlocked Gavin’s visionary potential – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. The evidence is overwhelming. We urge you to examine it for yourself.

It appears that Gavin’s visions are clustering around a future event in June 2014. The details are unclear, but it seems to be a world-changing moment in London, UK. Now he needs your help to ensure that the future he foresees will happen as it should.

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This is a rare opportunity to do something that matters and leave the world a better place. This is not a cult. This is not a fantasy. This is a strange but real place where you can make positive visions of the future a reality...

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