Not yet understood – not impossible

While we’re certain that Gavin’s visions are true, we are still struggling to find a scientific explanation for how they could happen. We’re not content to trust to faith – but we also acknowledge that there are some things that science can’t yet explain.

However, there are some theories backed up with evidence (if not definitive proof). One is that the visions could be caused by a form of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. This has also been put forward as an explanation for Joan of Arc’s visions, along with suggestions that she may have suffered from severe migraines. While Gavin doesn’t appear to suffer from the full range of symptoms, there are similarities and it’s possible that his condition could share some causal links with epilepsy in a way that is not yet understood.

A second theory revolves around the notion of quantum consciousness. Dr Amit Goswami explains the theory pretty eloquently over here, suggesting that our consciousness is connected to the rest of the universe at a quantum level. If we can control and synchronise our consciousness with other people or with this larger ‘universal consciousness,’ we can gain an understanding of (and perhaps some influence over) the universe.

If the future can be predicted based on a full understanding of the present circumstances, then that might explain how Gavin can anticipate future events.