Who We Are

Gavin Jackson

Gavin is the reason this Movement exists. He is proof that there is more to the universe than science can currently explain. He can see glimpses of the future.

Now on sabbatical from his job as a journalist, Gavin has always been a man who insists on confirmed sources and evidence. He’s not trying to fool anyone, and he is intelligent enough to realise how hard it is for anyone to believe his claims. Despite his own search for evidence to the contrary, the facts are clear: he is a visionary in the truest sense.

Shipra Singh

Shipra is helping to bring Gavin’s remarkable story to the public. Having found each other through a companionship website, it immediately became clear that their future wasn’t romantic but instead prophetic. Shipra’s day-job as a PR professional has given her the tools and experience that PVM needs at this vital juncture.

Shipra is also keen to point out that she’s not a fanatic or a groupie. Her favourite quote is from Philip K Dick: “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” She believes in Gavin’s ability, but her belief is based on facts, not faith.

Tommy Simms

Tommy is our in-house technician, building the framework of this website and keeping the lights on during our events. With a Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service, he’s also the first point of contact for any enquiries you might have.